Lost Cat

The Lost Cat series got its start when I began to install small spray painted wooden cutouts of cats on telephone poles around Key West, Florida. Hidden enough to not be too noticeable, I wanted them to be a nice surprise for anyone passing by that took the time to notice. As the pieces would be removed after a while, I thought it would be amusing to put up missing cat posters/signs in their place, and thus the ‘Lost Cat’ series was born. It has morphed a couple different ways since, and continues to evolve.

Before The Fishbowl

It all started with a couple illustrations I created for my soon to be wife, of her two cats to have them part of our wedding day. These little stenciled art pieces spawned the idea of creating a street art campaign of putting small pieces around key west of some of the creatures commonly seen on the island. While I like the idea of the illustrations of different animals it lacked something, it didn’t have much of a sense of humor which is typically a big inspiration of most of my work.

What The Fishbowl

Cats always seem to be getting into things they shouldn’t and I had a vision of a fishbowl falling on the cat’s head and I thought it was a funny idea. I then started sketching the fishbowl around one of the cat illustrations and after a little work crafting it around the cat’s head, the “What The Fishbowl” cat was created. I tried a number of other items like bird houses and pitchers of lemonade or sangria but the focus continued to revolve around the fishbowl. This is when i began to create wood cutouts of some of these cats and started to screw them in to the bottom of telephone post in and around Key West. After a while the wooden cats would disappear for whatever reason and at some point i joked that i should start putting up missing cat signs which I did but changed it to “Lost Cat” with an illustration of the just the head of the cat in the fishbowl and so the Lost Cat series had begun. At this point people had mentioned that it looked kind of like a space helmet which i also thought about, and that with along with the Lost Cat caused a blast off to Meowter space which morphed the cat into a Flying saucer illustration as well as a “Catstronaut” with the fishbol taking the place of a space helmet which was the beginning of new ideas to evolved the services further.

The Evolution

Gaining some extra time thanks to the pandemic and also having the urge to put some positive energy into the universe, I looked to evolve my Lost Cat series further Inspired by pop art and an ever growing culture around the collection of toys which brought about the “Lucky” Cat and Buddha which I created a series of stickers to send out to friends, artists and small business to try to pass along so good luck in such odd times. I continue to expand the series to items that are seen to bring good luck or fortune as well as fun items throughout the years and now finding new ways to break the design beyond the fishbowl in new creative ways.