Hurricane Party

A Key West Drinking Game

Hurricane Party is a game that chronicles having a wild time in Key West. We came up with the concept after putting in years of research, night after night, on and off Duval Street. Going from bar to bar to bar to bar (and repeat) we put together this road map which showcases what a typical night out at the end of the road in the Florida Keys will often look like.

From Happy Hour to After Hours and everything in between, Hurricane Party is the journey of having one of those nights that nobody would forget if anybody could remember.


Game Rules

To Start, everyone grab or scavenge a game piece, place it at Home. Find a suitable cup of uncertainty and place it in its designated spot in the center of the board. All players roll the die once. High roll is the King (or Queen) Conch. The Conch Goes First, sets any ground rules at beginning and is the final judge on any disputes. The low roll is considered the “Key Worst” and can be told to drink at any time by any of the other players. The winner of each game becomes the Conch. The last player left on the board becomes the Key Worst and must Drink the Cup of uncertainty.

Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces across the board clockwise. Keep going around the board until landing exactly on Home. If you don’t or can’t complete a square, take a drink and you lose your next roll. Keep going until there is only one player left. If you roll at any time and the die goes off the board take a drink because you are now the Key Worst and lose that turn. If at any time during play the Conch becomes the Key Worst, whoever is the Key Worst is elevated to the conch.

See Alternate Rules for additional ways to play.


​Start and finish of the game.

Pregaming has long been a favorite amongst friends before getting the night going. See pregaming in alternative rules for ideas on how to make between games part of the game.

Also, feel free to have a night cap upon finishing the game no matter when you get in.

Happy Hour

Take it easy and let the games begin.

This is considered a free space and can be used at the Conch’s discretion.

Next Bar

Move forward 4 spaces.

Mallory Square

Pour a little into the cup of uncertainty as the sun goes down.

Gettin’ Buzzed

Everyone Plays a round of Buzz. Take a drink if you get knocked out.

“Buzz” game rules: Each player calls out one number when it’s their turn. When a number that is a multiple of 7 comes up, or a number with a 7 in it, the player has to replace that number by shouting out “buzz!” ie. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, BUZZ. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, BUZZ, 15, 16, BUZZ, (and so on)...

Edward 40 Hands

Get two drinks, You can’t take your hands off ‘em until they’re done.


Everyone take a drink.


(Ask Me Anything) Everyone gets to ask you one question each. Tell the truth or take a drink.

Stock Rock, Paper, Scissors

Challenge each player one at a time to a game of rock, paper, scissors. Drink one for every time you lose.


Free spot. House rules.

Flip Flop Blow Out

Move back 4 spaces.

Black Out

Pour a little into the cup of uncertainty. you are now the Key Worst.

Duval Crawl

Move forward 3 spaces.

Get Lucky

Roll against everyone. If you win every roll, head home lucky. If not, take a drink.


Everyone Dance. The first person to stop drinks.


Everyone take a drink.

Last Call

Drink up and get another.​

After hours

On your next turn drink the number you roll and stay here.

Alt. Rules

Here are some of the alternative rules for the game. We will continue to add more to the hurricane drinking game over time.

Tropical Storm Rules

In this version of the game you just go around the board once. You still must land exactly on home, if you roll over then stay on the spot you are on and take a drink. Its not quite hurricane strength but a storm none the less.

Category 5 Rules

When a player passes Home everyone take a drink.

When a player lands on “Edward 40 Hands” player must finish drinks before their next turn.

If a player lands on SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS they must drink the cup of uncertainty and all players must take a shot.